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Drishti, a Sanskrit word that translates to gaze or vision, is often used to describe the eyes' focal point of a yoga pose. While developing your yoga drishti enhances your practice through concentration and self-awareness, we believe drishti is so much more than eye placement. It is your inner sight; your outward gaze. It's what you chose to focus on in life - both on and off the mat.

Yoga for Everyone

DrishTi practices and teaches Alignment Based Yoga [inspired by B.K.S Iyengar and Nicole's anatomy training] along with Bhakti Yoga [love, devotion, service] and Tantra [bringing the spiritual practice together]. Nicole blends ancient yogic philosophy, anatomy, and alignment to create comfortable yoga classes and welcoming experiences.​ Many lineages that Nicole has studied are woven together to provide optimal alignment in mind, body, and spirit. 


Classes are held in an intimate setting where each yogi is acknowledged. A quaint studio means personal attention and an intimate sense of community. All are welcome.

Studio Policies


  • Yogis are welcome to enter the studio 15 minutes before class, but please arrive at least 5 minutes early so that you have time to get situated and be on your mat by class start time


  • Quiet is important in the practice of stillness. Upon entering and exiting please maintain low voices


  • We understand that life happens, so if you're late, enter as quietly as possible so as to not disturb others [if you are more than 5 minutes behind, we request that you attend the next available class] 

  • The front door is locked 5 minutes into class. We share space upstairs with Sonam Targee (Ancient Universal Medicine) and sometimes the front door cannot be locked; please refrain from entering class and come next time. 

  • Shoes are not allowed; please leave them in the waiting room

  • Turn off or put your cellphone on airplane mode prior to class

  • Sign in

  • Instructors may physically adjust your alignment; let your instructor know if you prefer verbal cues

  • Please refrain from applying perfume/cologne before class

  • Cash, credit cards, and checks accepted

  • All sales are final

  • Payment is due at time of service

Frequently Asked Questions

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