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Drishti, a Sanskrit word that translates to gaze or vision, is often used to describe the eyes' focal point of a yoga pose. While developing your yoga drishti enhances your practice through concentration and self-awareness, we believe drishti is so much more than eye placement. It is your inner sight; your outward gaze. It's what you chose to focus on in life - both on and off the mat.

Yoga for Everyone

DrishTi practices and teaches Alignment Based Yoga [inspired by B.K.S Iyengar and Nicole's anatomy training] along with Bhakti Yoga [love, devotion, service] and Tantra [bringing the spiritual practice together]. Nicole blends ancient yogic philosophy, anatomy, and alignment to create comfortable yoga classes and welcoming experiences.​ Many lineages that Nicole has studied are woven together to provide optimal alignment in mind, body, and spirit. 


Classes are held in an intimate setting where each yogi is acknowledged. A quaint studio means personal attention and an intimate sense of community. All are welcome.


What is the 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp?

The 35-DAY BOOT CAMP is specifically designed for international students or students who attended a Foreign Nursing School. It is also best recommended for students who have failed the NCLEX exam multiple times. It is also highly recommended to nurses who have graduated from Nursing school several years ago and lastly if you cannot focus and study on your own for 8 to 10 hours a day then the 35-Day NCLEX Boot camp is the right course for you.

What do we do during 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp?

This is like going back to Nursing School here in the United States for 35-DAYS but very focused on passing the NCLEX, that means we tackle core content comprehensively, we do test taking strategies and techniques and we also do a lot of Practice Questions. We also do a lot of critical thinking drills and activities designed to increase the level of confidence of each student.

During the Boot Camp, the participants are not allowed to use their phones inside the classroom, check social media and no one is ever allowed to sleep during the class. This practice instills a lot of discipline which most students are lacking.

What is the difference between the 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp and the 10-Day LIVE course?

There is a huge difference between these 2 courses. The 10-Day Live Course is a regular course designed for students who recently graduated from nursing school. It is ideal for students who are taking the NCLEX, for the first time. On the other hand, the 35-Day Boot Camp is designed for students who graduated internationally, for students who have failed the NCLEX multiple times and for students who graduated from nursing school several years ago.

The 10-Day Course runs for 10 days, 80 hours, compared to the 35-Day Course which runs 35 days, a total of 350 hours that means there is a difference of 270 Hours.

Not only that, the 35-Day Boot Camp comes with ONE(1) FREE10-Day Live Course anywhere in the United States. That means that you can attend additional 10-Day Live Course after completing the 35-Day Boot Camp. Also, we will also give you access to our Online Question Bank after the Boot Camp. Again, we will not stop helping you until you pass the Test.

Can I take the NCLEX right after the 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp?

Each student is different from each other, therefore some students may take it right after the Boot Camp and some students may need to wait until they are 100% ready. We give the students a series of Comprehensive Exams and Post-Assessment Exam. These tests will tell us whether the student is ready to pass the NCLEX or not and what subjects he/she needs to improve on. If a student scores low in these exams, they will be recommended to master their notes first, finish the Bootcamp NCLEX Qbank, or attend their free 10-Day Live Course.

Do you recommend the 10-Day course or the 35-Day Boot  Camp?

If you have graduated from Nursing School outside of the US, have failed the NCLEX before, or you have graduated from Nursing School several years ago and if you are having difficulty studying on your own, the 35-Day Boot Camp is the right course for you. In addition, if you have the resources to attend the Boot Camp, such as finances to travel and the luxury of time to travel, then by all means, go for the 35-Day Boot Camp. It is something worth doing!

Is there a guarantee that I will pass the NCLEX after Boot Camp?

There is no money-back guarantee. However, 90% of our students who actively participated in the 35-Day Boot Camp and did all the post-course study recommendations passed the NCLEX. We carefully assess each student if they are ready to pass the NCLEX or not. If the Post-Assessment Test results tell us that a student is not yet ready, they can attend their ONE (1) FREE 10-Day Live Course. And if they are not still ready after 45 days, we allow them to join another 10-Day Course (discounted re-attendance fee) and so on until they pass the NCLEX.

This is why we have a high success rate because we only advise them to take the NCLEX, only when they are 100% ready.

How much is the 35-Day Boot Camp?

It is $2,800 and this includes all review materials, that means you do not need to purchase any other materials. It also comes with an Online Pre-Live Course Modules before you come to the Boot Camp and Post Live Course modules after the Boot Camp. You also get one (1) FREE 10-Day Live Course anywhere in the United States until you pass the NCLEX.

You only need to pay $800 to register for the Boot Camp. The balance of $2,000 will be paid before the first day or on the first day of the class.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, if you register 3-4 months before the Boot camp, what you can do is to put a down payment of $800, then another $800, then another $800 until you complete the entire $2,800 on the first day of the class.

You may also charge it to your Credit Card and pay the Credit Card company whenever you are ready.

Is accommodation included in the Boot Camp tuition fee?

No, the accommodation fee is not yet included in the tuition fee. However, we can give you recommendations your accommodation. You have 4 OPTIONS for that; OPTION 1: If you live near the hotel, you can go home everyday. Parking in the hotel is free for bootcamp students. You may stay with a family or friend if they live nearby. OPTION 2: You may avail of our Homestay Program, wherein you will be staying with a host family for only $800 for your entire stay. The host family will pick you up from the airport, and drop you off to the airport after the Boot Camp. The host family will provide you with a room, a roommate, bed, linens, kitchen, refrigerator, microwave and laundry machines. OPTION 3: You can stay at the hotel where classes are held or at any nearby hotel. If you choose this option, the best way we can assist you is to help you find a roommate so you can save on your hotel accommodation. There can be 2-3 students in one room depending on your preference. The more roommates you share the more you save. OPTION 4: You can also check to book your own private accommodation. For more questions regarding the accommodation, you may call 323-866-0084 (Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM).

Is food included in the homestay?

No it is not included. The host family however, will provide the kitchen, microwave and refrigerator so you may bring or buy your own food. The host family can take you to the grocery once a week.

How many people are there in a room?

There will be 2 students in a regular-sized room and 3-4 students in a bigger room.

How can we do shopping for food?

The host family will take you to a supermarket once a week. Please arrange schedule with your assigned host family.

Who are these host families?

We have partnered with these host families so we can provide students with an affordable accommodation. These are local families that we have worked with in the past Boot Camps so they are very familiar with the needs of the students. The homes are all located in safe and desirable neighborhoods in the area.

How do I reserve for a room in the homestay program?

Once you have already registered for the 35-Day Boot Camp, we will start introducing you to your host family. The host family will collect 50% of the Home-Stay Fee upon reservation.

What is the closest airport?

The closest one is Ontario International Airport (ONT). Students who availed the homestay program will be picked up from this airport the day before the Boot Camp and will be dropped off to the airport the day after the Boot Camp.

Studio Policies


  • Yogis are welcome to enter the studio 15 minutes before class, but please arrive at least 5 minutes early so that you have time to get situated and be on your mat by class start time


  • Quiet is important in the practice of stillness. Upon entering and exiting please maintain low voices


  • We understand that life happens, so if you're late, enter as quietly as possible so as to not disturb others [if you are more than 5 minutes behind, we request that you attend the next available class] 

  • The front door is locked 5 minutes into class. We share space upstairs with Sonam Targee (Ancient Universal Medicine) and sometimes the front door cannot be locked; please refrain from entering class and come next time. 

  • Shoes are not allowed; please leave them in the waiting room

  • Turn off or put your cellphone on airplane mode prior to class

  • Sign in

  • Instructors may physically adjust your alignment; let your instructor know if you prefer verbal cues

  • Please refrain from applying perfume/cologne before class

  • Cash, credit cards, and checks accepted

  • All sales are final

  • Payment is due at time of service

Frequently Asked Questions