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Massage Therapy


The practice of Therapeutic Massage is defined as applying a scientific system of activity to the human body's muscular structure for the purpose of improving muscle tone and circulation. Massage has been used for centuries and is one of the oldest forms of natural healing/bodywork. With that being said Massage Therapy is equally an art as it is science.

Nicole combines her knowledge of human anatomy along with her practice of spirituality. An individualized session using multiple modalities is implemented based on your goals. Movements and natural alternatives may be suggested. Nicole believes in working with the body so it responds and opens up; this doesn't mean pressure that hurts during session. 

Therapeutic Massage is a wonderful modality to relieve stress and lower cortisol levels. A session can help you relax by stimulating the "rest and digest" system of the body and ease the vagus nerve [integrates with the parasympathetic nervous system]. 

In addition to relaxation, we can work on specific areas of tension, injury or a combination. Either way, Nicole aims to leave you feeling well rested. Specific tools [i.e. cups, gua sha, essential oils] may be incorporated into your session based on your goals and will be discussed before we begin. 

We will have a brief consult prior to your session to discuss your goals. It is recommended to keep talking limited during your session for your healing experience and for Nicole to tune fully into the body. 


Please note: excessive pressure will not be used and is counteractive to opening and engaging. Recommendations and feedback are provided after each massage. All mediums used for massage are made by Nicole with organic ingredients. Look downstairs from DrishTi at the Natural Oasis Restaurant and Retailer for DrishTi Wellness products. All linens are washed with unscented and dye free detergent. Please refrain from refrain from wearing perfume or cologne before your session. 

Please print and fill out this form prior to your first appointment if accessible. 

Massage Offerings

This session is based on the clients needs which will be assessed when you come in. This session is mainly for full body, but can also address specific areas or a combination of both. Long relaxing strokes and deeper sustained pressure may be used all to provide a holistic healing experience. Massage Therapy addresses stress management, injury rehabilitation, pain management and overall healing and self-care.

60 Minutes: $100 

90 Minutes: $150

Custom Massage

30 minutes treatments are designed to target a specific area i.e. back, legs, arms. These sessions are usually part of a regular treatment plan where we discuss the duration for the condition ahead of time. They can be used as one time targeting one area. 

30 Minutes: $60 


An Ayurvedic inspired full body massage treatment using warm oil according to your dosha (vata, pitta, kapha) and the season. Long strokes will be used with light to medium pressure with circular movements around the joints. This is a full body massage with warm oil and towels including the scalp, face, ears and abdomen and feet. This treatment is for full relaxation.

60 Minutes: $120

90 Minutes: $170 

Nicole is passionate about honoring pregnant and postpartum bodies. Specific aches can be addressed along with providing a nurturing and relaxing experience during this most amazing and sometimes challenging time. Prices listed below are for in-clinic. Inquire for at home visits with baby. Nicole understands that during the postpartum time period you may not be able to leave your house and may not even have a whole hour. You deserve to be honored, especially during this time and Nicole will customize a session for you however long that may be. It is suggested to try and have someone with your baby while you receive in home treatment, but it is understood that all babies and experiences are different. Some babies sit quietly, some babies require more attention and remember you deserve attention too. We can interrupt at anytime for you to care for baby.

60 Minutes: $100 

90 Minutes: $150

Bookings are scheduled by phone/text:


Please note: A $50 deposit is required to secure appointment. For any appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the deposit will be kept.

Gift Certificates are available by email.

Targeted Treatment 

Abhyanga Massage

Pregnancy/Postpartum Massage



If you are late to an appointment, we may have to shorten your massage [you will still pay regular price] depending on the scheduling of that day.

The Little Things

  • Put hair up so the neck is accessible for work; this also limits oil getting into the hair. 

  • Remove all jewelry that would get in the way of treatment [e.g., bracelets, watches, necklaces, big earrings].

  • You are covered with a sheet [draped] and only the part of the body being worked on is exposed.

  • If you are sore the day after a massage it may be from muscles that were very tight being released or your pressure may need to be adjusted the next time you are in. Remember, massage therapy doesn't need to hurt to be effective; you don't want your muscles to tense during treatment. 

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