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Just Breathe: Cup & Huff

Inhaling an essential oil can have a profound influence on mood and emotion, and produce desired physiological responses in the body. There are many ways to inhale oils - directly from the bottle, by dispersing into the air thru diffusion, by making a refreshing air spray, or by placing a few drops of oil on a cloth to smell, just to name a few.

Another simple way to inhale an essential oil is to inhale from your palms. I love this method because (1) it requires no equipment, (2) it forces me to stop, focus on my breath, and reconnect to the present moment, (3) it’s effective and immediate and (4) it can be done anywhere at anytime.

Try it: place 1-2 drops of essential oil in your palm, rub in a circular motion to disperse, and then cup your hands over your mouth and nose. Take in a small breath of the oil at first, waiting a minute to see how you respond, and then breathe in deeply. I also use this method after I have applied oils topically to myself or my kids to utilize what is left on my hands! A few of my favorites:

  • Frankinscence is wonderfully calming. I have been using this one during meditation with great results, and for stress relief and relaxation.​​

  • RC is so clean and refreshing! It is wonderful for opening the respiratory tract, especially during times of congestion.

  • The citrus oils (Grapefruit, Lime, Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Tangerine, Citrus Fresh) are elevating and uplifting. I love taking these outside on wintry days and inhaling- something about the contrast of the sunny scent against the cold weather…

  • Inhaling Lavender just before bedtime is a wonderful way to reflect on the day and coast into restfulness.

  • I keep Stress Away and Peace & Calming with me most of the time. They are excellent tools for combating daily stress and tension. You might see me sitting in my car in between errands and shuffling the kids around with my hands over my nose as I regroup! Stare away! I won’t notice because I’ll be calm and stress free!

  • Try MGrain or Peppermint to ease headaches and tension

As always, be sure to avoid getting oils in eyes, and check to see that the oil you are choosing is appropriate for direct inhalation. Young Living essential oils are potent therapeutic tools for our health and wellness and should always be treated as such.

Kristen Brown is a Young Living Wellness Educator.

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