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DIY Lavender Whipped Cream

“Do-It-Yourself” is about empowerment and love, encompassing a whole process of noticing, being, and enjoying.

One of the longest lineages of DIY projects is making ourselves and others a treat to eat, which at its core serves the purpose of nourishment and fuel for the self, but can also provide a sense of well-being.

At our Valentine's Day themed Wellness Wednesday, we made Lavender Whipped Cream. Everyone loved it - not only because it tasted so good, but also because of the soothing properties of the Lavender Young Living Essential Oil we used. Maybe you'll love it too -

I suggest pairing it with pumpkin pie as we did. The combination of the cream and pumpkin set the perfect mood for the rest of the day.

And, consider making your own pie crust [recipe below]! It's easy, affordable, and you probably have all the ingredients already... PLUS you will be saving yourself from unnecessary and not-so-good-for-you extras such as corn syrup, soy additives, and artificial flavors, to name a few.

Do it for the love of yourself and for the love of your life.

Basic Pie or Pastry Dough [One 9” Press in Pie Crust]

1 ¼ Cups Unbleached White Flour

1 Tbsp Ground Flax Seed [Optional]

¼ tsp Sea Salt

¼ Cup + 2 Tbsp Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Tbs + 1 ½ tsp Ghee or Organic Unsalted Butter

[Step 1] Cut half of the wet mixture into the combined dry mixture with a pastry blender or work with the tips of your fingers until ingredients are combined evenly and crumbly.

[Step 2] Add the rest of the wet mixture and combine lightly until pea-sized or soft crumbles form.

[Step 3] Sprinkle 3 Tablespoons of ice water over the top of the dough and gently blend to combine and hold together, add more water if needed, a sprinkle at a time! Wrap in plastic wrap and let set before rolling out at least 30 minutes.

[Step 4] Roll out on a lightly floured surface. Fill and bake according to your recipe.


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