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Awareness Life Coaching & Mentoring

Life Coaching

Want to develop an awareness or spiritual practice, but not really into yogasana? Or you could be into both and just want to deepen your practice off the mat.


Awareness Life Coaching sessions are personalized guiding you to reach your goals while aligning and exploring with your true self. Nicole is a certified life coach focusing on awareness and mindfulness by using years of her own practice and teaching others through yoga, meditation and spirituality. Tools that may be used but are not limited to include: meditation, Eastern philosophy, aligned movement, yogasana, journaling, breathing exercises [pranayama] and exercises to bring about self-awareness. If any of the aforementioned don't appeal to you, they will not be implemented, this is just a sample of some but not all of the tools available. Again, life coaching is for you, about you and personalized for you and your goals/needs. 

Our meetings are recommended on an 8 week program to start. Single sessions are available, but consistency is key in developing and aligning with your practice. 

8 week Individual Sessions: $680 

60 minute session: $95

Life Coaching sessions are one on one in sit down consultation and are 60 minutes in duration. In person or virtual appointments are available. 

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Are you a recently certified yoga teacher and don't know where to begin? Nicole will help you formulate a plan into teaching and  give you the confidence to start. We will make sure that no matter what style of yoga you are teaching that you are helping to move bodies in a safe way by solidifying your anatomy in asanas knowledge. We can address any areas that you feel you need more knowledge in. 

8 Sessions: $680

60 Minutes: $95

Let’s Work Together

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