Keys, Karma, and Wellness

What do tangible keys have to do with karma and wellness?

Well, a few weeks ago, I was walking down a snow covered sidewalk and found a set of keys, just visible enough, as I took my next stride. I paused. No one was around and so I picked them up. It was apparent these were a full set of keys, with the car, house, and whatever other usual gateways of access we walk around with. I was holding them in my hand, except these weren’t mine. My mind thought about how I extremely busy I was and I knew that I could just walk by and leave the various pieces of accessibility behind for someone else to deal with. But, that wasn’t an option in my head, because for me, the notion of “work” or “karma” came into play.

Karma comes from the root “kr” which literally means “work” or “to do,” and refers not only to an initial act, but the result it produces afterwards — pleasant or unpleasant — in accordance with the original occurrence. [Notice the result is after, not before.]

Immediately I knew this was going to be a little bit of work, but I was here now, and the result — getting this person their keys back — would be worth it. So, with a sigh and a focus on karma, I continued on my way and thought about what to do next.

What was my plan going to be? Alongside the light blue plastic mini pacifier keychain on this bundle of metal, I noticed the wellness keytag. Otherwise, the set held no identifiable traits to reach a person. That's when I realized I could connect the keys with their rightful owner by using the keytag! A call was placed to the number on the card and the establishment identified the owner, notifying them that their lost keys would be available at the store for pickup.

The representative on the phone let me know that she would not be able to give me the person’s information, that basically I had done a good deed and that it was going to go unrecognized. The owner could claim their keys, but I could not claim my good deed.

But you see, I had already claimed my good deed by just picking up the keys and doing what I could to return them. I knew it was going to be work because I already had a million things to do, but it was the right thing to do, for how else would those keys get back to their owner? Maybe another passerby would have happened upon them or maybe the owner would have come back to find them, but I was there, so I didn’t have to ask those questions. It would be through my actions that the keys would get home. And sooner than later.

So, What do tangible keys have to do with karma and wellness?

The simple part: if for some reason you misplace them, the key tag on your set of keys can get your keys back to you, but only if the motions are set into place.

Today, on my keychain is “my karma,” where the results pay off to me. I noticed what I was doing and learned. The pleasant result from the karma of those keys in the snow is I now have a key tag.

I agreed to the first one offered to me after this instance. Previously, I had gotten rid of all the keytags I had because it was “too much” on my already bulky key ring and I figured I could just use my phone number at checkout. But that was only seeing things linearly [one way] and this karma led me to broaden my horizons. Seeing things a little differently has put me on the path for my keys to be returned if they shall ever become lost.

Be Well.


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