Lip Tip to Stick

It's time for some holistic wellness awareness...

[Step 1] Gather your "chapsticks" or lip balms [if you are like me, you have many of them...].

[Step 2] Read the labels.

[Step 3] Notice. Acknowledge. Expand... Compare the ingredients on the label. Take notice of how many items are in the product. Ask questions! What makes it the color it is? What ingredients are making your lips "luscious"? What harmful chemicals may be included? Do you really need those additives?

[Step 4] Determine if you should switch your stick[s]. If so, Yoga DrishTi makes organic, lusciously scented lip balms with just a few ingredients [including Young Living Essential Oils] that are safe for use.

[Step 5] Know and feel good about what you're putting on and into your body.

Be Well!!

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