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This special class will include a slow warm up into deep opening yin poses eka pada rajakapotasana [pigeon] and upavistha konasana [seated wide legged angle]. We will hold these poses for up to 5-8 minutes supported by the breath and settling into props. Nicole will also help guide you deeper into the pose with grounding assistance. We will then move into a restorative pose [supported by props and opened by gravity] and end with Yoga Nidra [state of consciousness in between waking and sleeping].

Reservations are suggested and space is limited*

Members = Included
Guests = $20

Reservations for guests: www.YogaDrishTi.com/shop
Reservations for members: In person or YogaDrishTiWell@gmail.com


*No refunds unless event is cancelled. 

Yin and Restore [Guests]