Notice, acknowledge, and expand with us.

Drishti, a Sanskrit word that translates to gaze or vision, is often used to describe the eyes' focal point of a yoga pose. While developing your yoga drishti enhances your practice through concentration and self-awareness, we believe drishti is so much more than eye placement. It is your inner sight; your outward gaze. It's what you chose to focus on in life - both on and off the mat. 

Your vision is my vision is our vision. 

At DrishTi, we are passionate about offering a holistic perspective that includes all of you - mind, body, and soul. Namaste.

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WHAT OUR Yogis & customers are saying

I highly recommend Yoga DrishTi, no matter where you are with your yoga practice.

Nicole makes all her students feel comfortable, welcomed, and respected. She has a keen eye and a warm heart and it shows in the way she teaches each class. She makes it easy to connect with your practice by making it very approachable.

All poses and modifications are clearly explained and students are guided through how to make their practice more mindful.



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